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KaliPrana is a holistic healing technique that uses Prana (energy) by channeling it from the infinite universe source and transmits it back through the hands for a cleansing of the ethereal body (atma or soul) from negative energy, blockages created from different traumas, emotional pain, holes in the aura and emotional baggage. It improves the awakening of the kundalini and intuition; while simultaneously raising the vibrations and frequencies of the spiritual body. 


Ideally, the etheric body is clean and resonates at a high vibration allowing a free flow of life energy to pass through it. The aura in its purest form is smooth and strong. However, often the aura of people is uneven, depleted by congested areas, cracks or holes, and energy cards attached to it. 


KaliPrana's  true purpose is to realign humanity to a cosmic awakening for the new era: the Golden Age. 


Kaliprana helps assist and reset the proper function of all your chakras, so you can live a healed and better life.  KaliPrana also helps alleviate different kinds of physical pain, muscular, skeletal, backache, imbalanced hormones, constipation, headache, bellyache, etc. 




KaliPrana healing massage is a unique system of bodywork and energy work that combines deep energetic tissue massage with coordinated breath work and yoga. As such, it is a bond between both giver and receiver.

Deep tissue massages helps remove knots and adhesions in the muscles and soft tissues, focusing on releasing tension(s) and preparing the body of the receiver for assisted stretching. 

This unique approach to the body dissolves physical and emotional blocks, helps eliminate toxins, improves respiratory patterns and enhances energy levels.  

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