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Born in Sicily, Rosario Belmonte is a healer and masseur who’s created a unique practice that he has traveled far and wide with, bringing relief to clients all over the world. He had a natural inclination towards the invisible and unseen as a child, and followed that thread all the way through till New Jersey, where he learned Pranic Healing at an academic "institution".

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Bring nothing but an open mind and a willingness to receive
- Kali Prana is a technique that will leave you refreshed.


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Dear Rosario,

I experienced a moment outside of time. It wasn't a simple massage but an experience. The alliance of the earthly and the divine. During the first part of the treatment, all my tensions, my bad energies were dissipated. Then afterwards, I felt a flow of positive energy pass through me and immerse me in an ocean of plenitude. I wanted to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to reconnect with myself, and to finally feel aligned. 


I felt lighter, different.  When Rosario touched my lower back that hurt me, I felt like two circles, one black and the other purple, coming out of my body.  There was a moment when tears came to my eyes.  When he finished I opened my eyes I felt that I was not inside my body, I felt a little dizzy like flying.

 It is a pleasant experience that I appreciate with all my heart.


I felt Rosario knew me from before. He created a safe space for open vulnerability throughout the entire session. I instantly handled him my energy with trust and felt honored throughout the entire time. Rosario,  had the capacity to see through my physical and emotional needs as well as pain and help me release whatever was needed.  By end of the session I felt at peace with myself, grateful for my body and energy, and  completely released from any tension. 


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Thanks for getting in touch, I'll get back to you shortly.

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