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What is Tantra?

Tantra is one of the few spiritual sciences that also studied meticulously sexuality and found that specifically sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the universe. We are sexual beings after all and if that aspect can be used for spirituality, why not use it!?

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit language and means extension. It proceeds from the verbal roots tan– “to stretch, and tra– “to save”, which further scent to its true nature, and extraordinary potential.

Tantra can be defined as a spiritual science for self-inquiry and evolution. In its most advanced form it is a path for salvation, emancipation and liberation, saving a human being from the grasp of karma, reincarnation and the illusory Maya.

The branches of Tantra: 


Tantra Yoga uses the physical body as a means to reconnect a practitioner with more subtle and ethereal forms of energy and aspects of themselves. As a result a person begins to perceive themselves as something beyond physical, but in fact an energetic and spiritual being with meaning and purpose.

Tantra Yoga is a practice that can bring about remarkable health and healing, purify the physical body, improve the emotional scheme, develop desirable attributes such as willpower and unconditional love.


This sophisticated form of energy-based meditation utilises different aspects and formats of energy such as sounds, colours, mantras, yantras, vibrations, visualisations to elevate and evolve a practitioner’s level of consciousness. Serious practitioners can experience expansion of the mind, extraordinary focus and clarity is attain, superhuman and paranormal abilities can be developed, a gateway to tap into universal consciousness and intelligence is created and you eventually become the master of your mind.


Pranayama is the controlling of the prana, or life force energy – this is what makes it into a tantric practice. This energy is slighter and profound than the air we breathe and it exists in us and all around us. 

By learning to control the prana within oneself you can learn to control the universal prana.

Pranayama brings us closer to our ethereal nature where we can begin to feel energy moving through the subtle channels within our being, sense and control the chakras to a high level, bypass normal physical limitations that time, space and gravity impose upon us and heal the body to a miraculous degree.


Kundalini is a cosmic energy with great potential, which is located at the base of the spine of all human beings. When this energy is properly awakened the aim is to gradually move it up the spine and eventually bring it to its culmination point at the crown of the head. A person that achieves a genuine kundalini rising can experience a vast remodelling on every aspect of their being and are on the road to becoming a great spiritual master.


A tantric relationship represents a powerful union which can accelerate the spiritual evolution of both partners. When properly understood it can lead to incredible transformation of the couple and eventually deepen the relationship between the individual and the Divine.

Tantric relationships teach True Love and how to cultivate it in yourself and within a partnership. This can lead to powerful openings of the heart and very deep intimacy at the level of your soul.


One of the most powerful known universal energies is the sexual energy . This energy can create life, as we know, and accordingly its potential is monumental.

Ancient tantrics recognised this and discovered if the sexual energy is utilise in a specific way it can be used to access spectacular types of orgasm and forms of pleasure. 

Through its practice we can become hyper aware and hypersensitive to touch, the breath, the presence of energy, vibrations. Blissful states can be reached and a tantric wave of continuous super sensory, magical, spiritual ecstasy achieved, which ultimately transforms our whole being and view of reality. Tantric sex gives rise to more profound intimacy and connections with ourselves and others. This is how far it can go.


Tantra Massage is first and foremost a spiritual and healing approach to massage, utilising an energetically based, hands-on approach to bodywork. This inspiring practice can bring about extraordinary health and healing, eliminate blockages that prevent a person from living their best life and experiencing deep sexual satisfaction, unlock the true sexual potential, reset the emotions, purify the mind and awaken the spirit. With Tantra Massage you can experience remarkable internal and external transformation, a soul-opening level of bliss, a deep internal blossoming, and a reshaping of your life physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.

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